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BAMBOO BAG, undoubtedly the most classic bamboo handle, its production is not easy, you need to put the bamboo fire roasted hot, then bent by hand, the only perfect efforts to perfect radian, so each one can handle Bamboo Bag is not the same. After bending, shaping tools need to use a special place for some time, and then applied several natural materials paint color. And these special processes and material selection, also GUCCI Florence Artisan team after repeated testing and exploration, the final formation. Until today, the production of bamboo handle, still in strict accordance with standards laid down 60 years ago, and now used bamboo, produced in Sichuan, China.

Gucci's design craftsmen who use imported bamboo, softened by heating roasted and bamboo hand-bent into a unique "U" shaped handle, adding sophisticated arc-shaped bags, not only saves leather, more modern section of the package adds a modern, bamboo bag a launch, popular, because people did not handle the material changes and embarrassed, but never had to feel fresh and elegant chic.

In the fifties and sixties, Gucci Bamboo handbags become the favorite of many international celebrities, blowing hot air while bamboo bag, and even bamboo bag became synonymous with Gucci bag models and the most beloved. So the concept of Gucci bamboo is widely used in many of the package, and even bamboo pattern appears on the scarves, jewelry, watches, when bamboo impression has gained, Frida Giannini brand inject her classic bamboo bag strong modern design inspiration, re-interpretation of "New Bamboo".

Tribute to classic, beyond the classic, is probably a generalization of The New Bamboo. 2010, Frida Giannini, creative director GUCCI incumbent decided to redesign bamboo bag, new handbag size reduction, or to handle and loop buckle made ??of bamboo, with leather tassels ornaments and straps. Body bags using high-tech materials, such as black and purple embossed neoprene, or even using Cellarius limited edition multicolor leather crocodile skin, while 140 different components, the experienced craftsmen in Florence studio hand-sewn from the system, the production time of a packet of 13 hours.

With the original design of the same strain, in the design of more fit the needs of modern women, large and mini sizes so that people have more choice, to retain the original leather long shoulder strap, also costume metal chain belt, and make bamboo Festival tassel embellishment, looks brightened somewhat sexy.

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File Date: 8/27/14